Sunday, 31 October 2010

A rainy weekend = productivity

I have been making some stitched linen scarves for Craft Victoria.
The "warm" coloured side of a patchwork yoga matt cover.
And wondering whether I should open my early Christmas present to myself: Taschen's giant book of the circus.


Thea said...

I love your stitched linen. Open your present! I'm sure you will find more inspirations from it. x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you Thea! I think you're right re the book -- I might spend some quality time with it this weekend.

swinkie said...

I wanted to write to you that your entries are you know... so-so!! Ha! but they are not. And I am totally jealous.... I had been visiting this book for a while at Ariel on Oxford St... it sits for perusual front centre of shop as dignified as a holy bible.
So lovely having your company at HandHeld and sharing dumplings with you and Helen!!