Saturday, 27 November 2010

Goodbye Seed!

Artwork for a musical set above, and the finished product below. I really enjoyed working on this, and I feel a bit nostalgic looking at it now, as
I left my "proper" job at Seed about a month ago. It's been a strange month: on my first day in the studio a panic set in, and about ten days later my back gave out. So it has been forcibly slow getting used to this new life, but I have been kept optimistic by new surprises every week. Ongoing freelance illustration work, running to the post office to send sold items and then replenishing the etsy shop, trying out ideas that have been waiting in my sketchbook, sewing scarves for Craft Victoria and a generous greeting card order from a lovely friend which I am just finishing off. I miss the camaraderie of the workplace though, and often wonder just what my colleagues are doing as I sit alone. They are working hard too, no doubt, in between having a laugh and a gossip and discussing where to go for lunch.

I really don't miss the bland corporate nature of St Kilda Road, nor do I miss HAVING to be at work at a certain time and then the day pretty much set out for me. I do miss walking home via the Botanic Gardens, and sometimes I miss being part of a brand like Seed, having been there for over five years. (Three stores when I started, over 50 now.)

I don't panic as much, and mostly I am really enjoying this new life, though I can't say that I am anywhere near used to it yet!


renilde said...

A new way of life! Great, follow your dreams Sandra. Your work is beautiful, succes!

Thea said...

Congratulations Sandra! I have great admiration for anybody that has the courage to move out of their comfort zone to pursue their passions. It will get easier. Big hug!


Goodbye to an old seed - so that you can welcome a blossoming seed. Your own creativity and expression. - You have talent, ideas and courage, so everything will go just fine. - You've all ready come a long way. Good luck on following your dreams :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much Renilde, Thea and Tone. Your words mean alot to me and they make it easier to continue down this path! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
I recently discovered your blog from Design Files. I love your work & I'm sure you will do so well after Seed
I'm not sure if you remember me, I worked at Voyager & we had a few email conversations regarding Seed work.
Good Luck with your new path!
Dee : ))

Sandra Eterovic said...

Dee, of course I remember you, fellow woman of the Adriatic Isles 'n' all....thank you so much for getting in touch with me, and for your encouragement, it means ALOT. I hope that you're well and on a good path too.
All the best

Jason Parkinson said...

cute! bitch face

Aesthetic Truth (under a desk) said...

This is great!



jen storer said...

BIG transition, sandra e. Best of success and luck and wonderfullness with it all. jxx

helicopter6 said...

The music set is brilliant. love it Sandra - clever gal that you are. And yeah... working at home by yourself (following your dreams n all!) can be really lonesome. That casual interaction has more impact than you think it does. Some people find it quite easy, while it's a real adjustment for others (myself included). I personally find the inane chitter chatter that drives me nuts when i'm working in an office, is something I end up missing quite a bit. I do need a bit of interaction, because the talking to myself and singing (gosh, when I spend too much company with myself I think the songs I make up are quite amaaazing!!!) Once you've got a good rhythm happening, you just may find that working somewhere else even for one day, will be helpful to bridge that gap. I so believe you'll make this work.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much everyone...thanks particularly to Helen for those very wise words....I am having a grumpy day so it really helps. And I think your songs probably ARE great Helen, if your drawings are any indication!!! ;)