Sunday, 14 November 2010

Studio shots by Anna Parry

I am very lucky to have a super talented friend like Anna Parry, who very kindly took these great shots of the studio last week. It was interesting to see what caught her sharp Scandinavian eye, as some of the photos are very different to the ones I took a few months ago.
Thanks so much, Anna!


Unknown said...

Oh boy, I already loved you and your work, but even more so now that I know you're a fellow leftie!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Emma, for a moment I was wondering how you worked out my political leanings, but then I realised that you were talking about my hand! Ha ha! I like your work even more now too. ;)

renilde said...

I so like the studio photos, they give a nice impression.

A hoader dies for a tailors life... said...

ahhh your studio is like a fresh breath motivating air! HERO!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you very much Renilde!

And can I possibly be YOUR hero when you are the young lady who has bravely left her entire life in Melbourne and moved half way around the world for such an adventure?!

A hoader dies for a tailors life... said...

"the art is in the doing"-david lynch
we're not so different you and i miss eterovic.

Sandra Eterovic said...

You're right m'dear lady. That is a great quote indeed, much to think about. Comprehensible too, unusual for Mr. Lynch... ;)