Friday, 30 November 2007

Craft Archive: I

I am always making something: lately it's dresses, because I realised that I had alot of fabric in the house, quite a few simple patterns, and a wardrobe that was looking shabby. Usually what I make is dictated by what I 'need' at that moment. So I might end up making anything, really. Here is a random assortment of things that I have made. Above: I 'needed' a red scarf a few years ago. Winter is boring enough without everyone making it even more depressing by wearing drab colours. It even has my name on it in case I lose it. Ha!

Above: after I made the red scarf I decided I needed a scarf with pretty colours in it, and a bit more of a knitting challenge. I like this one alot.

Above: a knitted cushion, which probably started off wanting to be an entire quilt, but I got bored with it, or wanted to use my dear wooden knitting needles for something new.

Above: at some point quite a few years ago, I decided that I needed a rag rug. It was fun to do, but remains unfinished. It lives on the floor of the bedroom anyway.

Above: at some point I decided that I needed a patchwork quilt, but by the time I got to my fourth one (above) 'need' was not the appropriate word: I had been taken over by some weird quilt-making-addiction. I have since made at least eight. I need to make a new one for my bed soon.

Above and below: I needed a new case for my camera, as the old one got blown off the washing line while on holiday: fell into someone's backyard. I hope that they like red and white polka dots. I prefer this one anyway.

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