Friday, 2 November 2007

Illustration Archive I

Above: I have always had a penchant for food packaging which features idealised pastoral scenes. The above is my own little version. A pasta pastoral perhaps.

Above: a sketch for a piece I am yet to complete.

Above: a bird design originally intended to be printed around drinking glasses.

Above: hand-painted and then played around with on the computer.

Above: this picture was done as part of an art class exercise in which we were to collaborate with a fellow student. I loved the surfaces which my classmate Cath achieved on canvas with multiple layers of white housepaint, so I asked her to treat my little canvas. During class, I drew this picture using dark brown fountain pen ink, which changed colour as it dried. The figure on the right is based on a butcher character by the great British illustrator Raymond Briggs.

Above: an attempt to bring some textile design and illustration together. The flower motifs are based on French provincial ones.

Above: based on a photo I took in the summer of 2005 in Split, Croatia. In the photo, everything was shades of cream, red or green. The girl walking her (somewhat) Dalmatian dog was my addition.

Above: when my brother and I were little, Mum used to read to us from contemporary Yugoslav school readers, which had lovely simple illustrations unlike any in my Australian and British ones. The work above is my attempt to re-capture that style.

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Mathi said...

I was preparing a powerpoint on Phishing. your drawing(The girl fishing sitting on a fish) was simply superb. It was natural and flawless. I have used the image in my ppt (in anticipation of your permission) Thanking you.

Kindly see this tube where your image is used. If any objection is there, kindly intimate me. I will remove the image.