Sunday, 25 November 2007

My T-Shirts I

I design t-shirts for a living. A few years ago, my friend/colleague Jason Parkinson and I designed a series of our own t-shirts under the label Self Service, which were sold at the Fat stores in Melbourne and Sydney; Ivy Hopes, Lupa and 188D in Melbourne, Dragstar in Sydney and Dirtbox in Brisbane, among others. He designed the boys' t-shirts, I the girls'. My designs are shown below.

Above: based on a biro drawing done at work at lunchtime, this is the screenprint that I did in a CAE evening class which sparked my interest in doing my own t-shirts (though we did get the ones below printed professionally, actually, by a company now sadly defunct).

Above: My favourite design, Genetically Modified for Self Service, showing a convenience cow and an understandably frightened chicken. Please note that this cow is based on an actual butcher's logo discovered by my cousin Ognjen Aleksic in Florence, Italy.

Above: Self or Service? Because it is visually cute, I don't know whether many people ever 'got' that this little doll was choosing whether to fight in Iraq or dress up like J Lo. Not much of a choice really.

Above: Smoking Dog, the border of which was based on an 80's Hermes style scarf. I like smoking dogs, and I like smoking dogs wearing tartan caps even better.

Above: Goldilocks' Nightmare, which sold well I think because of all the colours (main image from old Golden Books publication) and the 'naughty' image (scribbles my addition).

I have a few word based t-shirt ideas in my head at the moment which I hope to make and show on this blog soon.

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